Bespoke contemporary & traditional upholstery services and printed textiles crafted with love.

Moonlight Beds and Upholstery specialises in using traditional techniques and methods, many of which have remained unchanged for hundreds of years, and only the best quality materials.

We are not old fashioned however, we just believe in using the best products available for the job, whatever they may be, and love the opportunity to marry the traditional craft with contemporary design.

We continually work with interior designers on both commercial and private interiors and we apply the same work ethic and craftsmanship to every job we take on, whether it is a restoration project, creating a bespoke, one-off piece of furniture, or just recovering your favourite armchair.

Our team of experienced upholsterers offers the highest standard in craftsmanship.

We take care of every aspect of your furniture refurbishment be it restoring it prior to re-upholstery, sourcing a wide range of upholstery-standard fabrics and leathers or even salvaging aspects of its original material.

Over the years we have established a loyal and expanding clientele that share our commitment to quality, honest craftsmanship and reliable service-advice, whether as a private householder who wishes to breathe a new lease of life to perfectly functional pre-loved furniture pieces or a corporate client revamping an old look.

Bring a fresh look to your sofas, chairs, or bed headboards with our furniture reupholstery service.

We can re-upholster any item large or small using fabric or leather.

We recover or undertake a full upholstery service including securing all joints and re-springing or simply replacing foam in cushions or chair seats.

What we reupholster

  • Sofas & armchairs
  • Dining, office, and other chairs
  • Footstalls
  • Anything covered in fabric or leather!


Fabric or leather – your choice

Leather is hard wearing and great to touch. It looks prestigious and fits well into a vast range of home situations.

These days many people opt for fabric reupholstery. We do not stock fabrics due to the huge variety available, instead we let clients choose their own and we can assist in the purchase of your desired fabric.

Finishing touches

We are experts in French piping finish and deep buttoning. When renovating your furniture, our high level of workmanship and attention to detail provide a quality finish.


Sleep keeps us well. So as life speeds up, we slow down. We resist myriad challenges to quality sleep with bespoke, handcrafted beds made to an extraordinary standard of luxury. Beds – handmade from completely natural materials and with traditional, craft techniques; beds which stand the test of time.

You have a wide variety of components you can choose from to always make your bed a pleasure. The awesome part is that you have the freedom to choose exactly what goes into your mattress. From the type of springs to the type of foam.

We also offer custom themed beds ideal for kids of all ages.

Additional to above mentioned, we offer special bedding to complement our themed beds.

We believe in preserving our planet. Therefore, we strive to make our products as green as possible. All our beds are produced at our store to reduce the amount of Co2 released by the transport between suppliers, factory, and stores.

Our top range of beds are specially made to be allergy free such as asthma and hay fever and in addition can be customized to relieve any pain suffered due to problems such as lower back pain and hip replacements.

Please visit our store to ensure correct and professional advice regarding personal choice, budget and/or any health conditions.

As we are a bed factory who sells directly to the public. This enables us to sell the best beds on the market at the best price possible. The great thing about a Moonlight bed is that it has been made specific to your height build and weight and most important of – all your pocket.

One of the best ways to save in this economy is to cut out the middleman, and here at Moonlight Beds and Upholstery that is exactly what we do.


Tailoring and alterations

We promise high-quality clothing and curtain alterations as well as tailoring services at affordable prices.

What Do We Offer in Clothing Alterations Service?

Our extreme level of alterations service with the most experienced professionals and expert tailors for better alterations and fitting of your favourite clothes.

Timely Delivery

Your deadline becomes our deadline, and we will take every care to ensure that your item gets tailored on time.

Professional Touch

A professional touch from the most skilled experts can be indeed an addition to your favourite clothing and curtains.

Quality Workmanship

Our quality speaks for itself and our friendly service makes it easier than ever to tailor or alter your preloved items.