About Moonlight Bedding

You have a wide variety of components you can choose from to make your bed a pleasure at all times. The awesome part is, you have the freedom to choose exactly what goes into your mattress. From the type of springs to the type of foam.

We also offer custom themed beds ideal for kids of all ages.

For example: Spider man, Hannah Montanna, Barbie, Cars, Winnie the Poo, ect.Additional to above

Additional to above mentioned, we offer special bedding to compliment our themed beds

We believe in preserving our planet. Therefore we strive to make our products as green as possible. All our beds are produced at our store to reduce the amount of Co2 released by the transport between suppliers, factory and stores.

Our top range of beds are specially made to be allergy free such as asthma and hay fever. In addition they can be customized to relieve any pain suffered due to problems such as lower back pain and hip replacements.

Please visit our store to ensure correct and professional advice regarding personal choice, budget and/or any health conditions.

One of the best ways to save in this economy is to cut out the middle man, here at moonlight bedding that is exactly what we do.

As we are a bed factory who sells directly to the public. This enables us to sell the best beds on the market at the best price possible. The great thing about a moonlight bed is that it has been made specific to your height build and weight and most important of all your pocket. Your bed is made for you then and there in front of you, in our ultra clean factory.